Bibliography of Roman Britain

Roman Britain

Green, Miranda. Symbol and Image in Celtic Religious Art. Routledge,1989.
An important resource for understanding the deity images of this world. Romano-Celtic deities are well represented. Many photos by the author of seldom-seen items.
Hutton, Ronald. The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles. Blackwell, 1991.
An excellent summary of the scholarly data covering the period both before and after Roman conquest. Ends with a few pages on the modern Wiccan/Pagan movement.
Ireland, S. Roman Britain: A Sourcebook. Routledge,1979.
Translations of inscriptions and other primary sources that shed light on the region's history. Includes religious and votive texts.
Jones, Barri and David Mattingly. An Atlas of Roman Britain. Blackwell, 1990.
An excellent resource on the archaeological evidence for Romano-Celtic religion, with maps pinpointing the location of known dedications to deities of the Roman, Celtic and Romano-Celtic cultures.
Salway, Peter. The Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain. Oxford University Press, 1993.
An updated version of his 1981 book Roman Britain, richly illustrated. Final chapter is on ''Religion and Society,'' with diagrams of temples and photos of ritual items.

Celtic Religion

Condren, Mary. The Serpent and the Goddess: Women, Religion and Power in Celtic Ireland. HarperSanFancisco, 1989.
Scholarly yet inspiring look at female divinities both Pagan and Christian.
Ellis, Peter Berresford. Dictionary of Celtic Mythology. Oxford University Press, 1992.
A valuable reference for the often-confusing plethora of Celtic names.
Laurie, Erynn Rowan. A Circle of Stones. Eschaton Books, 1995.
A Celtic Reconstructionist Pagan's devotional, with advice on constructing a rosary-like ''circle of stones.'' An excellent book for inspiration and a reminder of the need for daily contact with the divine.
Rees, Alwyn and Brinley. Celtic Heritage. Thames and Hudson, 1961.
This sometimes dry work nonetheless contains the meat of Celtic mythology.
Ross, Anne. Pagan Celtic Britain. Routledge, 1967.
One of the best resources for understanding the historical background of Celtic religion before and after the Roman conquest.
Stewart, R.J. The Waters of the Gap: Magic, Mythology and Celtic Heritage. Ashgrove Press, 1989.
A brief history of Celtic and Roman worship of the springs at Bath, England.

Roman Religion

Adkins, Lesley and Roy. The Dictionary of Roman Religion. Facts on File, 1995.
A vital reference with entries for hundreds of Romano-Celtic deities.
Ferguson, John. Religion in the Roman Empire. Cornell University Press, 1985.
A useful overview.
Turcan, Robert. The Cults of the Roman Empire, 1996. Blackwell Publishers Ltd.
Pays special attention to the religions which emerged from Rome's colonies, including the Celtic countries.
Vidal, Gore. Julian. Ballantine Books, 1977.
A fictional but compelling treatment of Rome's last Pagan emperor.
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